Tools for Developing for Mobile and Web at the same time!

One conundrum small companies and projects often find themselves in is having to have three development teams for an application.

Team 1 — HTML/CSS/JAVASCRIPT for the Web Application

Team 2 — SWIFT team to develop the iOS Application

Team 3 — KOTLIN team for the Android Application

This can be expensive and difficult to coordinate, and depending on the needs of your application this may be the way you have to go. Fortunately, for most projects, you can probably use one of many new ways to develop for all platforms using one of the following tools.

Python — Using Pything you can take advantage of the Kivy framework that allows you to develop iOS and Android apps from the same code base.

Javascript/React — You can use ReactNative to use the react framework to create iOS and Android applications.

Javascript/Angular/Vue — Using NativeScript you can make mobile apps using any Javascript framework.

Ruby — Make cross-platform applications in Ruby using RubyMotion.

.Net — Using the .Net languages and framework with Xamarin you can make cross-platform applications.

Dart/Flutter — Made by google you can use the Dart language and compile them into cross-platform applications with Flutter.

GO — You can use the Go programming language as well.


Alex Merced is a Full Stack Developer, learn more about his work at

Alex Merced is a Full Stack Developer, learn more about his work at