Alex Merced Coder

Oct 23, 2019

2 min read

My Journey to Full Stack Part 2 — High School and College

I didn’t go to your traditional high school, I went to Howell Cheney Technical High School. Cheney was part of Connecticut’s vocational high school system where the school would focus on training students in a trade alongside their academic studies. With my interest in technology, I, of course, went into the microcomputer trade where we were training in all the features of Microsoft Office Suite, the basics of networking and C++. This was the first time I got to work with a command line and do a veritable “Hello World” program. While my High School experience was mostly making text-based games it only further fueled my love of technology.

After graduating I went to Bowling Green, OH in order to start my undergrad studies in Computer Science. Around this time I also started finally developing an interest in a social life and a passion for music. After the first semester, I decided to follow my new passion for music and music promotion went from Computer Science Major to a Popular Culture Studies/Marketing student. I’d spent the next several years entering several entrepreneurial projects including starting a concert promotions outfit and a hobby retail store both which required me to dust off my old HTML skills to create websites and learn some new tricks with CSS.

Along with my passion for music, I began to learn music production and began teaching myself FLStudio which involved lots of programmatic thinking in automating effects and in sound design. So while college began my journey away from programming, the concepts and skills that I learned in problem-solving stayed with me and were sharpened in the journeys that still laid ahead in the worlds of fashion, finance and politics after I graduated. I’ll continue the story in the next post.

Alex Merced is a Full Stack Developer, learn more about his work at

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