Merced-Express: If Express Met Ruby on Rails

  • The ability to quickly generate models, migrations and controllers
  • Pretty easy plug’n’play database integration
  • DB commands simplifying things like resetting and seeding the database

Creating a Todo App with Authentication

Generating the Project

  • cd into the todoapp folder
  • run npm install

Configuring Settings

  • create a .env file in the project root and define the following

Generating The Todo Model

// New Schema
const TodoSchema = new Schema({
subject: String
}, { timestamps: true });
  • If you notice all the routes are already all set in the TodoController in the controllers folder and it has already been registered as a router with the HomeController.

Adding Authentication

// Import Dependencies
import { Router } from "express";
import Todo from "../models/Todo.js";
import auth from "../config/auth.js"
// Create Router
const TodoRouter = Router();
// Router Middleware


  • create a new user with a post request to /user/create (username and password in request body)
  • login and receive a token with a post request to /user/login (username and password in request body)
"Authorization":"bearer <token>"
index => get request to /todo
show => get request to /todo/:id
create => post request to /todo
update => put request to /todo/:id
destroy => delete request to /todo/:id

That’s it!



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Alex Merced Coder

Alex Merced Coder

Alex Merced is a Developer Advocate for Dremio and host of the Web Dev 101 and Datanation Podcasts.