Creating Blogs and Learning Web Development

In my journey to learn as much as I can about Full Stack Web Development, I’ve learned many languages and frameworks and build out basic applications like blogs and deployed them to demonstrate what I’ve learned. In this article, I cover many of the blogs I’ve created and what I learned in creating them to show the wonderful world of learning through blogs.

BLOG #1 — Django/PythonAnywhere

BLOG #2 — Mezzanine CMS/Linode/NGINX/UWSGI

BLOG #3 — Contentful, NES.CSS, Github Pages/Netlify

At this point, I’m just about to start my General Assembly Bootcamp and didn’t have much time to play around. As the first couple days pass I keep working on getting the javascript fetch function to get my API and populate a page. In class, we learn how to use Chrome dev tools which certainly sped up the process of testing the fetch calls with console logs and got it going pretty quickly after that. I created a very basic HTML page since just to practice population and deployed it on Netlify (my first netlify deploy) but later created a newer version using the NES.CSS library to give it a gamer vibe, this iteration being deployed on github pages. This was a great project that showed me the use case for a headless CMS, got me comfortable working with API’s and reading their documentation and allowed me to practice Netlify and Github deployments.

BLOG #4 — Mongo/Express/EJS/Node

BLOG #5 — KOAjs/Node/Mongo

BLOG #6 — Wordpress-Multisite/Google Cloud/Apache/MariaDB

BLOG #7 — Front-End Palooza (Angular, Vue, React, Stencil, Svelte)

AngularVueReactStencilSvelte - Gatsby

I’m sure these aren’t the last blogs that I’ll create. I’ll probably make new front ends for my contentful data model as we learn angular and react and we will later create our own CMS from scratch using PHP towards the end of the course… so stay tuned!

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