Big list of Ruby Web Frameworks

Web Frameworks are important for any programming language especially today when more and more of the applications we use are based around the web whether delivered by a desktop browser, mobile browser, mobile application or through IoT devices.

So in a previous article, I covered the world of Javascript/Typescript web frameworks and I’ll continue to do the same for other languages so developers can find the array of options available to them.

Some frameworks are minimalist and offer just the basics to get a web server up and running, some are robust and have built-in tools for authentication, session management and more, some are built mainly for creating an API that can serve single page applications, mobile applications and devices.

Here is the List of Ruby Web Frameworks

Ruby on Rails — “Rails is a web-application framework that includes everything needed to create database-backed web applications according to the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern.”

Sinatra — “Sinatra is a DSL for quickly creating web applications in Ruby with minimal effort”

Pakyow — “Hello, Web. Pakyow is a web framework that helps you turn your html into a complete web app. We set out to design a better way to build for the web. This is the result — a full stack of open-source frameworks that offers a simpler, design-first approach. We want to help you do more with what you already know, whether you’re just starting out or have been building for the web for years.”

Midori — “Midori is a Ruby Web Framework, providing high performance and proper abstraction.”

Busker — “An extremely simple web framework. It’s called Busker as a reference to Sinatra. It mimics Sinatra in some aspects while still trying to stay a true wanderer of the streets.”

Utopia — “Utopia is a website generation framework which provides a robust set of tools to build highly complex dynamic websites. It uses the filesystem heavily for content and provides functions for interacting with files and directories as structure representing the website.”

Ovto — “Client-side web framework for Opal”

Flame — “Client-side web framework for Opal”

Ditty — “Ditty provides an extra layer of functionality on top of Sinatra to give structure and basic tools to an already great framework. You can get a new application, with user authentication and basic CRUD / REST interfaces, up and running in minutes.”

Waxx — “The Waxx Framework is a high perfomance, functional-inspired (but not truly functional), web application development environment written in Ruby and inspired by Go and Haskel.”

Woah! — “Woah! is an unobtrusive, (extremely) minimal web framework built on Rack.”

Lux-FW — Explicit Rack Based Framework

Alex Merced is a Full Stack Developer, learn more about his work at

Alex Merced is a Full Stack Developer, learn more about his work at