General Assembly and My Web Dev Origin Story

At the beginning of 2019, I was celebrating 11 years of being with Greico Financial Training. I went from being initially a part-time hire to being one of its lead instructors and creating most of their online learning platform which trains financial professionals of all levels to get their securities licensing. Yet, despite what had been a successful tenure, my work-life priorities had begun to change and I needed to change with them. In June 2019, I resolved to once again pursue one of my oldest and deepest passions, technology.

Reigniting the Child Within

One of my biggest inspirations is my Mother. She was a single mother working two jobs and going to college raising my younger brother and I in Connecticut. A babysitter was a luxury we could not afford so often my brother and I would have to join her during her college classes learning about medical terminology and the respiratory system. On occasion, we’d be fortunate enough to be allowed to spend time in the computer lab where I began playing with this free website host called Geocities. I’d eventually begin to feel limited by its WYSIWYG editor and wanted to be able to make better websites so I began to teach myself HTML.

The Next Steps

I had recently purchased a subscription to skillshare that I was using mostly for learning graphic design and online marketing so I started checking out what programming courses were available in my subscription. I started learning Python and found myself really benefitting from all my prior programmatic experience. (my experience included C++ coursework in High School and College).

The Class Experience

As someone who has taught online classes and created on-demand courses, the General Assembly remote course was a revelation in course and learning design. Instructors Karolin and Matt were funny, insightful and a joy to learn from and the use of familiar technologies like slack and zoom were clever and really made the experience probably better than most live courses.

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