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Alex Merced is a Full Stack Developer, learn more about his work at

What are we going to build

We will be build a simple todo list using the following:

  • NextJS: A Full Stack framework built around React offering Client Side, Server Side and Static Rendering.
  • Typescript: A Javascript superset made by microsoft to write scalable code
  • Mongo: A Document Database

Getting Started

  • generate a new typescript next project with the…

Conditionals in Javscript

In javascript you generally have on of two choices to test several conditions with different outcomes:

If Statements

For example if I want to test whether a variable has one of many strings as its value…

if (color === "red"){
console.log("it's red")
if (color === "blue"){
console.log("it's blue")
if (color…

This article is a walkthrough to creating a basic level of authentication with Express, Mongo and JSON Web Token. You can add more layers of complexity if you wish (user roles, refresh tokens, etc.).

Step 1 — Create the Application

  • create new folder
  • create a server.js file
  • create a new npm project npm init -y
  • install…

One of the biggest recent trends has been to have MORE javascript in your web applications whether that meant doing your backend web server in node/deno or shifting your entire stateful view logic into the client using frontend frameworks like React and Angular.

Recent I did a video a series…

We all love Ruby on Rails and how easy it makes creating APIs and websites. In python, Django has generally been the main batteries included framework used for many projects. The problem is Django has a lot of quirks that make its patterns quite different than the more railsesque approach…

Using the below you can see the basics of 10 different languages. For most of these langauges you should be able to try them out by generating a REPL.

How to print text to the console

One of the first things you need to learn in any language is how to print text in the console. …

Flask and FASTApi are two very popular Python frameworks for creating an API in python. In this tutorial, we will walk through making an API with both with full CRUD. We will not be using a database or ORM. Although using the patterns below you can adapt your preferred data…

Ruby Sinatra is probably the second most popular web framework in the Ruby ecosystem, second to the behemoth of Ruby on Rails. Ruby is a more minimalist framework like Javascripts, Express or Pythons, Flask.

Before this tutorial make sure to have Ruby installed.

Summary of RESTful Convention

THe restful convention gives us a blueprint…

NodeJS is an amazing tool that allows us to bring Javascript to backend development. When it comes to creating web servers, there are dozens of frameworks in the Node ecosystem. The most popular minimalist unopinionated frameworks are Express, Koa and Fastify. In this tutorial we will build a basic API…

Using Typescript for development for frontend and backend development keep growing. Typescript allows for better IDE hints and less runtime errors due to type errors with its typing system. On top of that Typescript makes popular OOP patterns like dependency injection more applicable vs when typing doesn’t exist like in…

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