2020 — Guide to Programming Languages and Frameworks


These are languages and frameworks that are primarily focused on the web. General Purpose languages that have web frameworks will be listed as those languages come up later on.

.Net Framework

The .NET framework from Microsoft is quite popular at the enterprise level for developing software of desktop and the web. This framework works around 3 languages, C#, F# and VB.Net. With Xamarin you can use .Net to make mobile applications and with Blazor you can use .Net on the front end using Webassembly. These languages are also use in game development with the Unity game engine.

General Purpose Languages

Rust — Developed by Mozilla Rust was designed to have speed of languages like C but have the memory safety of higher-level languages. Known to have a steep learning curve, Rust is a growing language especially for building tools to make use of webassembly.

Mobile Development

In the world of developing native iOS and Android applications, there are several options that can also be used for web development.

The Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

The Purpose of the JVM was to be a portable container for running Java code. Java is famous for the phrase, “Write Once, Run Everywhere”. Since the release of the JVM many languages have adapted to run on the JVM and new languages were created for the JVM. All the below languages can be used in the JVM but can also be used in other use cases like the web.

In Development

Bosque — A Programming language from Microsoft aiming to radically simplify programming… can imagine programming without loops?



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Alex Merced Coder

Alex Merced Coder


Alex Merced is a Developer Advocate for Dremio and host of the Web Dev 101 and Datanation Podcasts.