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In the beginning

Problem #1 — Too Many Script Tags

Solution #1 — Bundlers

Problem #2 — More Complex Build Process

What is Function?

  • Very easy to learn syntax
  • Instead of shipping the framework to the browser the code is compiled to standard js, resulting in MUCH smaller bundle size and blazing fast code.

  • The ability to quickly generate models, migrations and controllers
  • Pretty easy plug’n’play database integration
  • DB commands simplifying things like resetting and seeding the database


  • Installation Command: npm install express
  • Importing: const express = require("express")


  • can register middleware and routes
  • can initiate the http listener on a particular port
// import express
const express = require("express")
// create an application object
const app = express()

How to Use the Native Venv Module

Create a New Virtual Environment

  • Modularity, creating chunks of your application as “apps” allows you to reuse and repurpose features you’ve already created. (example, build out an auth app then just reuse it in all future projects)
  • A fairly robust built suite of authentication features

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